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Dale city/woodbridge, Virginia
42 year old Kvinde, 173cm, Katolik
Kaukasisk, Løve
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Automotive Parts

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Update: Keep your nasty comments and hate to yourself! I will report you and block you! Maybe POF isn't what you need. Maybe you need a physychiatrist !!

Well, I am from N.Y. and I am Italian. I have lived in coastal N.C. on and off half of my life so I have quite a diverse background. N.Y. taught me to be smart and fast at everything I do, and gave me good taste in fashion and cars! N.C. taught me to be not such a smartass and to slow down and enjoy everything I was taught! LOL

I have lived in NOVA the past 9 years and as much as I love it here...Man it's rough! Seems everyone has an agenda.

Anyway let me get to it! I am a unique chic..yeayea u heard it b4...Well I'm classy, have my own style,I like nice things and I work hard and get them hand outs! I am not afraid to get my hands dirty or break a nail I can check and fill my own oil! lmao And I can find my way around the toolbox too! Don't just look at my pics and think u know me because like I said I'm unique I may not want to get my hands dirty but I can and will if need be!
I was raised by a man that was a U.S. Marine! So he taught me well! Don't get it twisted by no means am I one of those women who say they don't need a man and don't appreciate a man! I will say this my father taught me how to do things and take care of myself when and if one isn't around...I'm still 100% woman and want a man in my life...there is a difference. Maybe we can check my oil together! lmao So if u haven't got my personality by now let me break it down to you...I'm a strong, smart.
(intellectually and street),independent,classy and fun woman! I love to cook, I like wine not beer,I love a good movie anything with Al Pacino in it is a winner and I like military movies, oh, and Tyler Perry movies to name a few!
I love love love Music(hip hop,r&b,reggae,old school and new, dancehall reggae is 1of my fav.,and music from other cultures interests me too! I hate country except there's this 1song I always hear( bout sum chic messing up dudes pick up truck because he cheated and he'll think twice b4 he cheats again)That is 1 funny country song!!!!lol It plays at my job! Ummm I forgot one very important thing....If u hate animals, ever abused, starved,or kicked one , in any way or fashion KEEP IT MOVING! I LOVE ALL GODS CREATURES! God gave us animals to enjoy, not to abuse!! Now if u go hunting and u use what u killed to eat and feed your family that isn't abuse, but... if u do it just 4fun then u are probably not the man for ME!!!! Well I think that just eliminated half of you that were interested!!!
Now for you all that are still here...I am a cool chic, honest, and deeply loyal, to all that come into my life! I'm real, all real, from head to toe, to my attitude! I am a social butterfly and can't be put in a jar to admire! I need to spread my wings from time to time ya digg?? I am not a gold digga, I'm not looking for the usual!!!! I am looking for the unusual.. A man that can get me ,understand me, listen to me, not just hear me!!! A man that has a wild side like me ,that will dance under the light of the moon with me on a sandy beach somewhere just him and I!!!!!!! Now if u read this and u r still interested in getting to know me, hit me up and we can chat...Until then...I'll be fishing!!!!

Samtale startere (dvs. hvad du ønsker at gøre på en første date...)
I would like to do something I haven't done go to a comedy club! Yea I no I need to get out more often! Well I heard it's fun, and I wouldn't mind doing something like that, or taking in some kinda show! Anything that can make me laugh or smile would be a good start! I don't like ordinary and I don't require any sweets, flowers ,or gifts ! I wont say no to some nice wine Hey I am Italian after all!!!

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