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Potomac falls, Virginia
38 year old Kvinde, 178cm, Kristen - anden
Kaukasisk, Skorpion
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Halloween 2018

Jeg er på udkig efter en Mand For Ses til lidt hygge
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Om Mig
******MOST IMPORTANT********

****I might be looking for something impossible. I am not looking for a relationship at this point. I'm too busy. Yet, even mothers enjoy fun every once in a while. I'm looking for someone I can genuinely call my friend, chat with on occasion, go out with, and see where things lead.****

I prefer men that are taller than me (or at least as tall). I prefer men who keep themselves in shape. Open to new experiences. Ambitious.

I'm not clingy, and am looking for someone who understands I don't have a lot of free time. I want you to take me and show me fun!
Laughter is a great start!

I am a mother to the most amazing preschooler in the world. My job is to take care of him and raise him to be a gentleman. I know he will ultimately make his own decisions in life. I take it very seriously that I am a mom. He is what I do with my days. I am very busy with him and cant afford drama around. He goes where I go. I am looking for good influences in his life.
I don't tolerate criticism of any parent.

*Communication is essential for any kind of relationship. (Family, friendship, dating, long-term, etc.)
**If there is one thing I could do for anyone stumbling across this, it would be to urge you to use the voice you have been given when you have anything to say that is important to you. -The moment its important to you.-
(Holding things inside, allowing resentment and bitterness to build up, and lashing out isn't beneficial for anyone.)
***Have the hard conversations when they need to be had****
(I guarantee a better outcome.)

****Feel unappreciated? Talk to me. (More than likely, I have 20 things on my mind, and need to be snapped out of it.)
*****I may even appreciate being spoken to.

*Whether you message me or someone else, don't let a misunderstanding ruin something special.*


Fyi- I have never really seen the point of inappropriate pictures. I honestly find them to be disrespectful. Please don't feel the urge. I am very open about the fact that I am not interested in them. Please respect me enough not to send them.

-Isn't the point of chatting with someone new to get to know things about them to see if they would fit your lifestyle? -
These "Tell People about yourself" boxes really confuse me.
If you want to get to know me, you will find out I am more than willing to answer any questions honestly and openly. Honesty doesn't always mean that you're going to hear what you want. Agreeing to disagree IS an option! (Could lead to some fun debates, if handled with the right attitude.)
With that, I also like to listen to other people describe themselves. It's a two way street. Challenge me (respectfully) because I am human. I am FAR from perfect.
I will say this. I am looking for someone who is respectful, honest, willing to stand up for the people they care about, and willing to persevere through the hard times. I'm looking for a family that is accepting. Platonic friends included. Judgment is not an attribute I am willing to expose myself or my son to.
Casual isn't a word that I have patience for at this point in my life. By ALL means, please don't take that as me not being open to platonic, mature, and solid friendships.

I have had an interesting life, and have a HUGE desire to make a difference in as many people's lives as I can. If you get to know me, you will understand this better.

Enjoy each day to its fullest! Find the silver lining in the storm.
"Life's a dance. You learn as you go."

Samtale startere (dvs. hvad du ønsker at gøre på en første date...)
Well, I believe that a first date should reflect the personalities of the two people that plan it. I don't want to say the typical, "Meet for coffee" response, or anything similiar. I can say that I would want to have had a chance to chat with the person for a while and feel comfortable with them prior to setting up a date. Also, for the first date, I would want it to be public. You can never be too safe these days.

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